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10 Tips for Writing Clean and Efficient JavaScript Code

Introduction As a software developer, writing clean and efficient code is crucial. It not only makes your code easier to read and maintain but also improves the performance of your applications. In this blog post, I will share 10 tips to help you write clean and efficient JavaScript code. 1. Use Descriptive Variable and Function …

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How to get a Remote JOB as a Software Engineer and How to Become a better developer?

If you’re a developer from India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria or other under-developed countries the local jobs in your country do not pay what you’re actually worth and you feel like nobody value your skills that you learnt with years of struggle and hardwork, Don’t worry there are remote jobs from countries like the US, …

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What is Javascript and Why is it important?

If you wish to become a software engineer or a web developer, you must be wondering what programming languages to learn. Not only that: You will want to know that which languages you must focus on first. In this guide, we will explore what JavaScript does and whether or not It’s still useful. then We …

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HOW TO OBTAIN USER IP ADDRESS IN JAVASCRIPT? We will learn 3 different ways to obtain visitor’s IP address:- CLIENT SIDE JAVASCRIPT + READY-MADE APIs CLIENT JS + NODEJS CLIENTJS + PHP You must’ve noticed that all three sections which I have mentioned above require some kind of API or backend, this is because we …

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HOW TO CREATE PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN PAKISTAN? OR ANY OTHER NON-SUPPORTED COUNTRY? Paypal is supported in 200 Countries and it is widely used in US,EUROPE, it is the most popular payment method used by almost everyone because the services offered by paypal are amazing and there’s no competitor offering same services, with paypal you can …

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OPTIONAL CHAINING OPERATOR¬†is a very new operator in javascript introduced in 2020 It was proposed back in 2019, and everyone was waiting for it to be launched finally with ES2020 we can use this operator and it is extremely helpful Optional chaining is a very handy operator, and it was very much needed, It has …

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