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What is Javascript and Why is it important?

If you wish to become a software engineer or a web developer, you must be wondering what programming languages to learn. Not only that: You will want to know that which languages you must focus on first. In this guide, we will explore what JavaScript does and whether or not It’s still useful. then We will look at some of the main reasons for learning Javascript, and consider why is it necessary to learn JavaScript first, What is JavaScript, and why is it important?

What is a Programming Language?

To understand JavaScript programming language, we need to dive into “What is a programming language?” A programming language is a set of instructions and these instructions are designed to express a precise purpose. These languages are similar to the English language, but with varying degrees of complexity and interpretability. As a programming language, javascript is nothing more than a series of instructions set in an ordered format. These instructions allow for precise manipulation of external entities like objects, strings, arrays, etc.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is used on the front-end (client-side) and on the backend (server-side), it allows you to make interactive web pages.

Where HTML  gives structure to our page and CSS gives style to a website, JavaScript gives web pages interactive elements that engage a user, so basically it’s the brain of a website.

Why Is Javascript Important?

JavaScript is used mainly for websites or other web-based applications, However, javascript was originally designed for websites and earlier it was known as the scripting language that only works in browser, but today Javascript is also used beyond the Web such as, In software, mobile apps, servers and embedded hardware controls, besides this, Javascript has the least learning curve comparing other languages and Javascript Has almost all the features of all the Largest Programming Languages ever built, Javascript is portable, JavaScript has advantages over Traditional Computing Languages.

Why you should learn JavaScript first

As the most widely used language on the Web, it’s still used today, even though its power has grown to such an extent that it’s often the primary language used on the Web. This is because it has one of the lowest learning curves. The JavaScript language is small enough for your brain to understand quickly, even if it’s your first time programming. If you only spend a week learning how to write JavaScript, it will take you less than a week  to be able to write the best user interfaces for a desktop or mobile website. More importantly, it makes it simple to get started: Just create a small document or an HTML page, or insert HTML code into an existing one.

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