If you are from Pakistan or any other similar country where you have so many restrictions and lack of resources for your business, such as not having access to PayPal, Amazon, E-bay can cause a lot of trouble for your business, So to have access to these powerful resources, registering a company in United Kingdom will help you and its very easy and completely online method just follow this post to the end and you will be able to register UK LTD Company for your business


There are some companies who offer their services to register your business in UK or US these companies charge you thousands of dollars, But i just saved your money so you don’t end up paying a lot of fee to people just to register an LTD company in the UK, I have described the best, easiest and cheapest way to register a company in the UK online from any country.


  1. A business address in the UK
  2. A Phone number in the UK
  3. An E-mail Address


Well, Getting an Address in UK is very easy and you can get one completely online from any country, we’ve made a separate article on “How to get a business address in UK Online” you can read and follow that article.


There are many ways to get a phone number of the United Kingdom,
You can purchase a phone number online there are many services, But we recommend using the following services:

  1. GiffGaff
    This is an electronic sim, the Simcard is free and will be delivered to your address for free no matter where you are they deliver everywhere for free and then you can top-up balance in sim-card and start using the UK Number, This is a little long process and it can take up to 15-30 days for the sim-card to arrive at your door
  2. Numero
    Numero is a virtual phone number company, you can purchase a phone number from their App for $5 USD per month. Once bought you can use the phone number right from their App all messages calls will be received sent through the App there is no physical Simcard.


1. Go to UK Govt Portal to “Register UK LTD Company” .

2. Click on Register and fill the form, this form consist 50+ Questions/Steps. We’ve also made example answers for the form you can take help from these example answers.

  1. Are you starting a new Application?
    • Yes
  2. Check before you start
    • Continue to Question
  3. Are you able to pay for this Application using a Card or Paypal?
    • Yes
  4. Is this new company taking over another business?
    • No
  5. Are any directors or ‘Persons with Significant Control’ …
    • No
  6. You Will Now Generate Govt. Gateway User ID …
    • Create Government Gateway User ID
  7. Enter your email address
  8. Enter code to confirm you email address
    • On step #6 we entered email address, Now you must confirm code sent to that email.
  9. What is your full name?
    • Write your full name (This is your name, name of the person this is not the name of company).
  10. Create a password.
    • Create your password.
  11.  Setup a recovery word
    • Write any word as an additional layer of security, it must be different from your password.
  12. Now you will get the Government Gateway User ID.
    • Continue
  13. Which email address you want to use for this Application?
    • Select or write the email you want to use
  14. What is your relationship to the company?
    • Company Director
  15. Will the company be a “Community Interest Company”?
    • No
  16. Will the company be “Limited by shares” or “limited by guarantee”?
    • Select “Limited By Shares”
  17. Company Name?
    • Write name of your Company, this is the legal business name for your company.
  18. Which Company name ending would you prefer?
    • Select “Ltd”
  19. What is the company’s registered office address.
    • Write your address (don’t have an address? Follow this article to get one).
  20.  Where will the company be registerd?
    • England and Wales
  21. What is the company’s principal place of business.
    • Select your address that you submitted in previous steps.
  22. Give us one or more ways to contact your COMPANY
    • Write just your email and click “Save & Continue”
  23. When will the company start trading?
    • On the same date it gets set up
  24. In its first 3 months will the company do any of following?
    • No
  25. What will be the company be doing?
    • Now in this field you have to write SIC code for the type of work you do, In UK they have SIC code for each type of works if you don’t know your SIC code you can go to this link and search for your SIC Code, for example the code for “Information Technology services” is 62090.
    • You can also just write English text for the work you do and you will get options below you can select from those options, for example if you write “Information Technology” in the text box you, You will see options or SIC codes for “Information technology” and you can just click on those options.
  26. Check & Confirm What your company will be doing
    • Just check if you have selected correct category/type of work & click continue.
  27. Has anyone on this application ever sent a Secure Register form….
    • No
  28. Director Details.
    • First Name, Last Name (Write your name according to your passport/national id card).
    • Has Director used different name for business?  (Answer: No).
    • Enter the country Director Lives In (Answer: Your Country Where you live, In my case its Pakistan.)
    • Nationality (Answer: Your Nationality, In my case its “Pakistani” )
    • Date of birth (Write your original date of birth according to passport/national id).
    • Job Title (answer: Owner)
  29. What is the correspondence address for you COMPANY?
    • Select the same address that you submitted in previous step.
  30. What is the home address for your COMPANY/DIRECTOR?
    • If you have a home address write it down. otherwise, Select the same address that you submitted in previous step.
  31. Does COMPANY wants to receive filing reminder by email?
    • Yes.
  32. Which email address does Amir Haneef want to use to receive filing reminders?
    • Select your email.
  33. Check and confirm the director’s details.
    • Check and make a correction if there’s any mistake.
    • Now click on “I confirm that the persion……” checkbox.
    • Click Save & Continue.
  34. You’re about to set up company’s shareholder.
    • Continue
  35. Is “DIRECTAOR_NAME” a shareholder?
    • Yes.
  36. Would you like to add another shareholder?
    • No
  37. Check and Confirm Share Holders Details.
    • Confirm & Continue
  38. Do you want to use the most common type of shares?
    • Yes.
  39. How many shares does “DIRECTOR_NAME” own?
    • Other Amount (Write 100).
  40. Choose the value of each share
    • Select £1
  41. Check and Confirm shareholders and shares
    • Change if required then Continue.
  42. You’re about to set up “Person with Significant control”
    • Continue
  43. From your previous answers, we know “DIRECTOR_NAME” is a person with significant control
    • Continue
  44. Does “DIRECTOR_NAME” have the right to appoint/remove company directors?
    • Yes.
  45. Check & Confirm details of the person in Control of COMPANY.
    • Make Changes If Required, Then Click on “I Confirm” Checkbox and then click Continue button.
  46. Do you want to use Model Articles?
    • Yes.
  47. Do you agree to form the company?
    • Click “I Confirm” Checkbox & Continue.
  48. Create Electronic Signature for “DIRECTOR_NAME”
    • Now you have to create an electronic signature with any three of your personal information.
  49. Check & Confirm your answers.
    • Make Changes if required then Click Save & continue
  50. You’re about to make a payment of £12 Pounds.
    • Make your payment, this is the fees for the registration pay the amount via PayPal or debit card and then your application will be submitted.


4. Once you’ve succesfully submited the form, with in few hours you will receive an email that if your company is approved & registered or is there a problem.

5. If your company is rejected, Please read the reason carefully and fix it.

DONE THATS ALL YOUR BUSINESS IS NOW REGISTERED. You can now create Paypal Account, Bank Account, Ebay Account and many more with this company.